Monday, October 31, 2011

**Vicarious World's Best of the Month**- The Oct-boner* entries

*Oct-boner refers to the frenzy experienced by Jersey Campbell during post-season baseball.

At the conclusion of every month Vicarious World's team of (wannabe) writers comes up with a totally arbitrary list of our top blog posts during that time. Somehow, someway, the wonderful people of Vicarious World have made it through a second month without being arrested and/or attacked by a gang of feminists. This month, we've got a wide range of articles that covers everything from moving in day at a prestigious SUNY school to a man who gave everything he had in the name of saving people he'd never meet. Will we be back next month? Oh, who knows? Let's just relax and enjoy the best Vicarious World has to offer for this month. Read... and be merry.

A peek inside the soul of a soulless man Pt. III: Reality Reconstruction by Jersey Campbell
Pt. III of the Peek series leaves us wondering... will Jersey Campbell ever write a post that doesn't turn the reader off by the 62nd paragraph?

Domestic Abuse: Why do they stay? by NYC Robert
Our relationship guru dips his feet in the pool of domestic abuse.

Miracle Blood by K.V. Sart
Joshua Harlean gave everything he had to save other people. Perhaps he gave too much.

My Humiliation by Kelly Sagina
I wish this was a tale but sadly, its true. You know what else is sad? Men (Kelly told me to say that).

PLNL: And the Blow goes on by Jersey Campbell
If you haven't heard of the Professional Ladies of the Night League yet, the sex you're paying for is definitely sub-par. The 2012 season doesn't begin until March, but our PLNL correspondent Jersey Campbell writes a brief article on the defending champions Chicago Blow.

The Possible Effects of Teen Pregnancies by NYC Robert
Very well thought-out article on babies having babies... and then there's the ridiculous comment written by Jersey Campbell. Nevertheless, a must-read on how young people getting knocked up are destroying the country.

Stop Hating Chick! by NYC Robert
Another dandy from NYC Robert. To switch it up, he has some endearing words for the ladies of the world.

Subjectivity by K.V. Sart
I have found it to be true that, at the end of the day, if you give a homeless man a few K.V. Sart stories, he will still wake up homeless, but with a few K.V. Sart stories.
*Vicarious World Special*- Roads to Freedom
Directed and produced by the outstanding young men of Freedom Apartments A-7. Special thanks to DJ iChunez.

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