Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Story by K.V. Sart

            This is a story.  It is a short story.  There are characters.  The antagonist and protagonist are both relatable and this creates conflict.  The question of justice causes disagreement. 
            The description is thorough but not overdone.  An imaginative reader is necessary.  The style is unique but understandable.  The form follows the plot.
            The narration does not overextend.  Perspective stays consistent within the narration.  The timing and tenses make sense.  The dialogue is not filler.  When the characters talk, it is important to the plot.
            The characters seem real, though they are not.  The internal logic is valid, though externally it may not be.  The sequence of events is surprising, but believable.
            It ends at precisely the right moment.

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