Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lebron Hawk-Ali's notebook ramblings II

From mind to technology I breathe fire into the waters of thought; what you read before u is the vapor.
Today's focus will b on the appalling yet revealing police tactics exercised domestically in the U.S. regarding civic unrest; particularly in relation to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Again, I must stress the term civic. A state, ideally, is to remain in response to the needs, desires, and inquiries of the mass populace; being an extension of the main civic body. Following this logic, there should exist no laws that have not been comprehended, discussed, and voted on by the the people, which from this point on I will refer to as the body politic.

In contemporary U.S. "democracy" the body politic has little recognition in comparison to lobbyists, interest groups and wealthy conglomerates. Accepting this reality, the frustrations have motivated citizens from all occupations, ethnicities, religions, and philosophies to non-violently convene and disrupt the flow of currency in this country.

This form of protest is given life only if there is lack of consideration in the decision making process, lack of distribution of resources, and such a concentration of information. Ever ask yourself, why is it that as a people we are informed less, or not at all concerning issues of the state? So, the occupy wall street movement is more important that many believe. This is a call for a fundemental shift in our economic policy, and we can agree that a non racial, balanced, shift in economic policy with the concern of all citizens will change the sociological and political landscape for all citizens in whatever political, economic, social, and ethnic form they represent. Why is it that we have no voice in the agenda setting, decision making and legislative practices in this country? The power of the dollar has for centuries currupted the minds of those in government. A shift in us as a people, as human beings will create a shift in our government. 
In other words, one brother 2 another, from one sister to another; shout outs to civic participation and discussion. Shout out to the Occupy Wall Street movement, those of us out there protesting are voices for many who do not have the courage or the means to voice thier misery. All these resources in the world, what do we use them for? Bigger, better, faster, Disney world. If every person on earth gave a dollar to a cause, imagine what could be accomplished. The economic and international system operates in a winner take all format. We can shift our mentality and genuinely care for one another and evolve psychologically and spiritually. Shyt, it cud b a Disney world for our great great great great grandkids, instead of this hell on earth for many and heaven for so very few.


  1. your first point about lobbyists is well taken. you are right that the political lobby always seems to corrupt seemingly positive bills and legislation. interesting explanation of this, showing that even the so called "positive lobbyists" bugger up the process:

    also agree with your take on the protests. it is our right and duty to stand up when we see things are wrong. but i also think that the focus should be more on the immediate issues at hand, such as voter suppression:

    and gerry mandering:

    I think the protests are doing a good thing, but at some point all of this discontent needs to be about something positive instead of simply grumblings of discontent. it needs to be harnessed or directed in some way to make a positive contribution.

  2. oh and i forgot to add that non-violence in the face of police violence will only solidify the movement. non-violence is always the way