Friday, November 11, 2011

Jersey Campbell's video of the day: its a celebration bitches


While all you Americans are watching stop and start "football" (seriously, why is it called football?) there are billions- AND BILLIONS!!- of real football fans enjoying the beautiful game in all its glory.

Today I present to you just one of the many reasons why football is better than American football. Ever since the NFL banned props and choreography in TD celebrations (it's about the Shield, not you brand-less wide receivers clamoring for attention), America's major sports have lacked any creative showboating that kids can mimic after Moss'ing a defender in the end zone. I'm not the only one with a case of nostalgia for the days when Ocho Cinco would mock the NFL by pleading not to be fined. Or when Joe Horn calls his mother to thank her for all she's done after digging out a flip cell phone from under the goalposts. Or when T.O. grabs a couple of pom poms and breaks it down in the end zone. At least we have Aaron Hernandez making it rain on 'em defenses every week as our severly watered down TD entertainment.

But take a look at this video of some of the greatest GOOAALL!! celebrations in football history. Keep in mind the amount of time it must take to get your teammates together to practice these masterpieces. Also keep in mind that in 18 years of World Cup football, there has been an average of three goals netted per game. There aren't many chances to celebrate folks. These goal-scorers take their celebrations seriously.

*My fav- Very hard to choose one, but at the 0:52 mark, the goal-scorer takes of his shirt and proceeds to metaphorically sex himself. Classic.

*My other fav- At the 3:23 mark. Holland's own Ruud van Nistelrooy being tauted by a French player after his penalty kick hits the post... then van Nistelrooy raising his arms in the frenchman's face triumphantly after scoring the free kick played into the box. 

*Bonus fav- Here it is. To appease the Football Gods, we must dance around the jersey of the goal-scorer.


  1. Interesting, but it's 2011 we need to get over the fact that we(Americans) call it football. Really, that's old now. Furthermore, we no longer allow outrageous celebration because it's unkind, and taunts opponents. Yeah, it may seem childish to shun from pro players; but if young children are suppose to learn from them they'll want to do the same. That will lead to poor sportsmanship, and building the wrong type of character. You may disagree, but that means nothing because the percent of people who actually make it to the league are less than those who don't. With that said, An individuals character is more important than taunting others. Exactly from some of the character's you named. Like T.O. who no longer has a job, , and Ocho-cinco who probably takes the cake for doing crazy things, but who takes either of them serious. Those aren't the types of attitudes parents, nor coaches want to instill in their children. Honestly the game of football is more than celebration dances in the end-zone. If acts such as those continued the seriousness of the sport would stray. I honestly couldn't care if T.O. did a back flip. It matters who wins. I'm sure paying spectators would say the same. Is it entertaining?Yeah, but by no means is it necessary.

  2. Banning TD celebrations was more about hiding the players behind the helmet than building sportsmanship. As we've seen from this NBA fiasco, when the players matter more than the league you're gonna have some labor negotiation issues. Besides, if you give up a goal, touchdown, or home run, you should be allowed to showboat. If you don't want the opposing side showboating don't give up scores. Is it entertaining? Hell yeah! That's what sports are- entertainment.
    I never got the building character argument anyway. You know how you build character? Not by outlawing celebrations, but by allowing them so that real displays of sportsmanship can be appreciated.
    If you can't handle the other side doing the bruk up, then stop them. Rewarding yourself for scoring should be apart of the game.

  3. And you gotta admit that dude sexing himself was pretty funny.

  4. Your right, the Man behind the helmet has the innate character to be their own. That's apart of us. I'll give you that, but through research studies show that type of behavior also promotes other negative characteristics. If you want to stay with that argument though. Why don't the owner's quite if they don't like the pros behavior? They ain't stupid, they're going to roll in the money.
    Before I go off I'll leave it there.
    P.S. I've seen one of my player doing that sexing move. Lol