Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Lebron Hawk-Ali's notebook ramblings I

notepad ramblings is Vicarious World's official journal. Whenever we feel the need to express ourselves through literature in short bursts, we come to the journal and release our thoughts. 

Should we reevaluate our economic principles? Should morality be infused into economics?
Damn, a thought, considering our economic system, do you ever consider an improved ethic when transacting business?
Our "scholars" continue to advocate rationality and efficiency behind the veil of economic progress. So, practicing efficiency, in order to compete companies cut bottom lines, hike prices, cut wages, benefits, evade taxes, pollute the environment, and as a result, employees personify this mentality. Why? Because this occupation puts food on the table for yourself and your family, this same job keeps your lights on, children in school, gas in your car and other functions of security. Why jeopardize security for unknown, uncontrolled events? Unfortunately I cannot quote this man writing from my iphone, but he stated that there exists no condition a man cannot grow accustomed to, especially if his contemporaries sustain these conditions through their collective actions. I am thoroughly disappointed in our daily activity and our lack of conscious collective activity. I understand we all have immediate needs, goals, issues, financial dilemmas, and so on. But in a generation disgruntled due to lack of purpose, why not believe in ourselves again? Why not grab the horns of today and welcome tomorrow; in whatever form is manifests itself, this is the adaptation required in life.
In our economic system, morality is foolish, loyalty creates self interested factions, all the while disregarding the collective whole. If a team is as strong as it's weakest link, a nation is as free and autonomous as it's most under compensated labor force. The psychological cost of the modern and sadly traditional vision of democracy is not worth the financial benefits, espcially for the few, but that is another topic. Straight from the iPhone in class, I could most certainly continue, but a brother must continue on with the day. Food for thought, as love him or hate him, Ghandi said be that change you wish to c in the world. So, what are you waiting for? Be it!

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