Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rough Economy: How to keep your relationship by NYC Robert

The other day while listening to z100, radio station, the host was talking to an artist about his latest song. It's about the difficulties for relationships in these tough economic times.Although I didn't hear the song the interview was insightful. I'm sure those ofyou in relationships now can agree that money is tight and the things that you twouse to do you probably can't do as much, or not even at all anymore. Ending yourrelationship because of the economy would be foolish, I think, so I've put togethersome ideas that can help you two get through this economical rough patch.


 Here are some ideas:
1. Make it a couples/friends night.
Invite your friends over or go to theirplace, but make it a routine. That night can be open to whatever you all areinto such as board games, debates, or just catching up with some food anddrinks. Interacting with your friends can change the mood. 
2. Listen to the radio.
Certain stations have someinteresting talk topics. Those topics can start interesting conversationsbetween you and your significant other.
4. Make a special dinner. 
You two probably aren't able toalways have dinner together because of your schedules, or whatever the reason.Try once or twice a week to make a different dish. Get a bottle or two of wine,relax, and enjoy each other’s company. 
5. Build a regimen of TV shows.
TV today has so much variety frommovies, shows, educational programs, and politics whatever your cup of teais check it out. Check out channels like ABC, CBS, Fox Five, CW/Pix11, NBC,TNT, TBS, ESPN, and if you have cable, Starz, Showtime, Encore, HBO, andCinemax. 

Let me know what you think: What if you could never afford to go out again because ofthe rising of prices, would you leave your relationship even if there was a wayto work around it? 

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