Sunday, November 13, 2011

Better Than a Forehead Kiss. By NYC Robert

I want to touch and caress her. I want to make her feel angelically aroused.

Yes that’s the feeling. My hand cupped around her neck, holding her close, so close our lips meet. As we slowly and gently share a bond; her hands come around my neck, and mine around hers. I however, will not stop there. I continue to move my hands lower and lower, but not fast, instead in a steady caressing pace. 
Now around her hips, I can feel that soft, plump ass. I squeeze it with my masculine hands, she moans. Her arms still around my neck, I lift her up to arouse her some more. Now her legs are wrapped around my hips so tight like vines on a tree. They were so tight I couldn’t move. The only place I was left to go was inside of her… While still wrapped around me I took off her blouse, and placed her on the dresser. She removed my belt, and then my pants. I heard the zipper go down, and then my pants went down too. Her skirt was so short I didn’t need to remove it. Before I knew it her panties were on the floor, and our lips had met again. This time we kissed slower, and I could feel the passion in the air. I cupped her bosom in my hand and caressed it. I squeezed it. I held it. The warmth from my hands stimulated her intimately, as she moaned so softly in my ear. Now wrapped tightly inside of her peach garden, I knew what was left to be done. The seal had to be sealed. She wanted me and I wanted her. 

The bond we shared was more affectionate than a forehead kiss

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