Wednesday, November 30, 2011

*Vicarious World's Best of the Month*: the November edition

Another month has come and gone. The leaves have turned, the children are frolicking through nature's debris, Black Friday has become no different then a crackhead gathering, and Vicarious World's team of wannabe writers continue to deliver. This month features the debut of the great Lebron Hawk-Ali, our relationship guru pens another NC-17 rated poem, and a young man broadcasts his new Manchester mancrush. Brothers and Sisters we present to you Vicarious World's Best of the Month. Read... and be merry.

Better than a Forehead Kiss by NYC Robert
What's the difference between NYC Rob's erotic poetry and phone sex dialogue? Nothing.

The Coffee Shop by K.V. Sart
Excuse me Mr. Sart, but we'd like it if you turned the tone up on your stories to uplifting and inspiring. We need to keep the people deluded. That, or we lock you up for tax evasion.

Democracy in the Workplace by Lebron Hawk-Ali
Lebron Hawk-Ali's inaugural foray into the World of Vicariousness is a little rough around the edges. We don't care. We believe he is searching for what we all desire- an alternative.

A Kiss With No Meaning by NYC Robert
He slaps you with backhanded comments about your perceived sociological and psychological habits, then you all come running back after he tickles you playfully with his poetry.

Real recognize real. More musings on politics, economy, and protest by our favorite rebel with a cause.

notebook ramblings by K.V. Sart
K.V. Sart puts on his mythbuster goggles and tells us what we should know about the American Dream.

On Freedom Pt. I: Slaves of Circumstance by Jersey Campbell
Is he ever gonna drop the "the world is not as it seems" mantra? Aren't we tired of reading his cynicist lectures by now? This is why we need to kick all the commies out this country. God Bless America. Roll Tide.

Why Always Me? A man confronts his greatness by Jersey Campbell
Mario Balotelli is the Premiere League's most interesting man. Our football ("soccer" in American) ambassador explains.

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