Tuesday, November 22, 2011

*Vicarious World Special*- Democracy in the Workplace by Lebron Hawk-Ali

 Vicarious World would like to introduce Lebron Hawk-Ali. In a world of upstanding individuals, Mr. Hawk-Ali stands the tallest. He will be contributing to VW from time to time, discussing his thoughts on things we should all take into consideration. In a previous existence, contemporaries would describe him as a revolutionary... then he got locked up for tax evasion and was handed the death penalty. You live, you die, you are reincarnated, then you live again.
His first post dissects hegemonic business hierarchies and the stripping down of critical thought required to maintain one's job. Read... and be exposed.

There is often much verbiage regarding the morality of employees under the tutelage of fortune 500 companies. These are times of misfortune, or a bear market if one is familiar with economists' vocabulary. As a result, the globalist economy and it's function of sustaining the concentration of wealth at the expense of employees, has become "shop talk" once again; civic disscussion has been reignited.

Amongst middle and lower class citizens, there has always been a disdain for fortune 500 companies and thier shareholders because these players own massive amounts of real estate and wield enormous resourceful inventories investing in their contact with institutionalized of spheres of influence. These spheres of influence vary widely, yet surely base themselves in Washington. From lobbying Congress, investing in overturning decisions through the judiciary system, or simply by having a terribly over-priced dinner with the president. All of these points of contact differ in the consequences, but nonetheless are effective. Many of us have grown weary of lack of consideration in the decision making process, the average citizen feels no contribution to this "representative form of government". I use quotes because I know not whom it is these parties and officials are representing.

I digress, however, I bring up the employees of these fortune 500 juggernauts because many look at the employees and become upset, when most of these students went to college and sought an opportunity. They have been socialized by those who have been socialized into this capitalist dog eat dog mentality. And even if these employees wish to speak up, what are the consequences of such actions? Most occupations in this country function on the premise of, "I want ur labor, not your political, social, or economic views." In other words, I want your body, productivity, and your time, your youth, and your energy, but dammit, leave that mind of yours home. So instead of becoming upset at the small lackey that carries out the work of the beast, why do we not question the nature of the beast itself?

Many of my points are abstract, this being my first blog post. I do hope the connection is made for the reader, because this is imperative, we should question the system, or those wielding the most influence in the system. Because if not those people, someone else with a family to feed will take a job that is detrimental to the civic whole. We must rearrange our thinking processes and engage in an collective intellectual evolution. The moral of this blog is, never cause ruckus and slaughter the king's men without dialogue; for he will suit up the next willing being. The system will remain as it were before all of your energy was expensed. Ponder circumstances in thier totality.

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